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Week One: Not the worst beginning ever!

Week One: Not the worst beginning ever!

2013.02.28 5:46 am0 comments

Week one went pretty well for old Biggs.

As some of you know, we started this endeavor with an estimated gross Biggage of 250lbs. (Hence the $250 amount to the odious John Boehner in the unlikely event of failure.) 

When we actually hauled Biggs up onto the scale last Wednesday, we got an ACTUAL result of 249.4. 

We have chosen to attribute the initial 0.6 pounds to the opening days of operation Biggs, though there WERE setbacks, both minor (the first cupcake, on Monday) and more serious (the second cupcake, on Tuesday). 

In Biggs’ defense, they were belated Biggsmas cupcakes, and they were carrot cake, and they were a gift, and they were…DELICIOUS.

Nevertheless, since last Wednesday, we’ve kept Biggs pretty strictly on Tim Ferriss’ “Slow-Carb” diet, which basically involves eating no white stuff (bread, rice, etc), and no sweet stuff (sugar, obvs) with mostly vegetables, legumes (pronounced: legoooooooms) and a little meat to make up the difference. Plus eggs. Get the book here if you’re interested, but it’s really pretty simple.

The best/most controversial/no-really-best thing about it is the cheat day, where once a week you just eat all regular. Or, for Biggs, just eat all.

Here are some things that Biggs ate on Saturday:

  • More than one bagel
  • Cake!
  • Worlds biggest turkey club sandwich
  • More cake
  • Beer
  • A cannoli

So, the results:

Straight outta’ Weightbot

So that’s 4.6 lbs (short for l’pounb’s (luh-poun-buhs)) lost since last Wednesday. It’ll do for a start.

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