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Week Two: #tweetitdonteatit

Week Two: #tweetitdonteatit

2013.03.07 5:19 am0 comments

Less stellar than last week, but still not too shabby: Biggs loses 3.4 l’pounb’s this week, bringing the total l’poundage lost to 8. See for yourself. Weightbot don’t lie:

As part of the ongoing refinement in the Debiggsification, this week we are adding a new component of Operation: Biggs. We are going to begin to implement #tweetitdonteatit.


A useful hashtag for when Biggs is just so damn hungry for something! But instead of EATING it, he will be TWEETING it. This is a simple substitution that through SCIENCE(maybe) will make not eating the delicious thing that’s being tweeted less painful.

Don’t eat this Biggs! Tweet it instead. In other news, I’m pretty sure I saw this guy in Hoboken on Saturday for the special pre-St. Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day. And I’m pretty sure he was drunk. Way to stand up to the stereotypes there, Lucky.

It can also serve as cheat sheet for the cheat day. “Here are all the things you wanted to eat this week, Biggs,” we will say to Biggs. “Do you want to eat some of them now?” Assuming Biggs can respond with anything other than a drool-choked grunt, we will report the results back to you. Watch this space!

The View from Saturday

We let Biggs have this “slice” of pizza which seemed to consist mostly of cream sauce and “fried” for his cheat day this week.

I mean, would you want to get between a hungry Biggs and pizza? Because it’s not pretty.

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